Eating together!

August 3, 2010

Too often, in our friendships and leadership roles, we find our selves turning lunches into lunch meetings and dinners into business meetings or teaching seminars. The problem with that is we make ourselves almost robotic. We are showing people that we are almost always business oriented, and we may be, but it is time we look back at one of the only stories shared among all the gospels, Jesus feeding the 5000.
Though the stories may differ in their details among the gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, they all share a common idea that Jesus took the bread and the fish. Then blessed them, broke it and shared it. Now at this time it doesn’t say he then passed out an agenda of the next board meeting, nor did he begin healing people in the multitude or hold a prayer vigil. He just ate with the people. Could it be so simple as shutting off business mode for just a few short hours and showing that you are a normal human being? Is that not what people want to see? People don’t follow machines they follow other people and they need to know that it is okay to have a life outside of business and church. In fact, it should be encouraged for them to have other things they are involved in to prevent them from getting “burned out.”

Try it out. Go on. See how much it helps you to focus in your “business” time.

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