Where’s the man?

September 15, 2010

How do we know we are on the right road? How do we know we are headed in the right
direction? The experiences of this life take us to places that we never dreamed we would go. The choices
of others place us in circumstances we never imagined we would encounter. That’s not a hypothetical.
That will prove to be reality in our lives. I don’t believe people set out expecting to deal with divorce,
untimely death, unexpected career changes or any other of the surprises that seem to show up in our
While life seems to throw stumbling blocks in the way we still have to live for God and stay on
the straight and narrow. In dealing with the things life throws at us we find ourselves emotionally torn at
times. Nobody else is facing the stuff we are. No matter what we do it’s not enough or good enough. Is
there ever going to be a breakthrough? In this walk we will have to deal with the surprises of life and the
emotional swings of humanity. It is just going to be reality. Because of that it is imperative we know
where we are in our walk with God. We must be able to adequately assess where we are in Him.
In the book “Where’s the Man” I used the life of David as subject matter to answer this life
question. Where’s the man? We may not be able to control what we have to face in this life but in our
lives with Christ we can overcome, endure, go over, go through, go around and pass through without
passing out. How we deal with things is going to determine whether we are on the right road. How we
respond to situations that are beyond our control is going to determine whether or not we are going in
the right direction. Our response will answer this question. Where’s the man?

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