Man Up – the reason for the study

September 22, 2010

The purpose of the Man_Up study is to promote a realistic and systematic approach to working
our way through the stuff life throws at us and still being able to stay faithful to God. There is no reason
for anyone not being able to make it. The price has already been paid. The way has already been
declared. It is just a matter of navigating our way through this life successfully to the end. That way of
navigation is staying faithful to God. Take quit out of the equation. Take give up out of the vocabulary.
Declare and determine to go forward and not look back except to recognize that is not where you want
to be.
It may not always be easy but there is a way to make it easier. We have all heard the saying that
refers to working smarter rather than harder. Consider the Man_Up study as the smarter approach. We
are going to learn how to “Get Up.” That refers to being successfully challenged. God doesn’t intend for
us to become lazy; however He does intend for us to continue to grow. We are going to grow by being
challenged. We will also learn to “Stay Up.” That refers to being encouraged. I know some of us are
pretty serious people and it is all about progress, but we have to learn how to be encouraged. We will
learn how to “Look Up.” That refers to adequately assessing where we are in God. It is imperative we
know we are on the right track. We are also going to learn how to “Step Up.” That refers to accepting
that God is leading us step by step to become what he desires for us to be.
Book four in the Man_Up series is entitled “Here’s the Man.” It is based on the life and times of
Joseph. Joseph is a neat story of a man hearing from God and staying the course with his life through all
that would be thrown at him. Yes we see him being mistreated. We see him being disappointed and
frustrated. We see him being faithful and at the right time he was presented. Here’s the man. All of us
should expect to be given opportunity to make a significant contribution. The steps we are taking are not
just because we are being toyed with. These steps are for the fulfillment of His will and purpose in our
lives. We must be ready and willing to “Step Up” at the appointed time.

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