Man_Up in the Middle of Your Challenge!

October 15, 2010

Does it offend you to be challenged? When your buttons are pushed by life do you master it or
is it your master? Afterwards when you feel guilty for allowing your emotions to be manipulated do you
punish yourself? Man_Up and be the man God intended for you to be. There is a place of contentment
and peace within the framework of this life that at times seems nothing short of chaotic. God has a way
for you and you can make it.

Though it may appear as a play on words, Man_Up is a relative term for today’s society. The
ever changing world in which we live is filled with circumstances that take us where we never dreamed
we would have to go and requires us to be what we never imagined we would have to be. I don’t know
why that surprises us as it has been my experience that things often happen when I least expect them
to. To Man_Up is to step up and take your place in that process of life.

We are going to be challenged and at times those challenges will be personal. God is still looking
for one who will stand in the hedge and make up the gap. God is still looking for one who will intercede
for the land and his fellow man. God is still looking for one who will believe and stand for what is right.
God is still waiting for those who will accept the challenge of being what He wants for them to be.

We must learn how to accept encouragement also. The challenges of life have the potential to
beat us down. In order to be able to rise above that we must learn to listen carefully for the
encouragements that God inserts in life. It may seem that God is silent but he is always present. His
promise is that He would never leave us nor forsake us. He is our encourager and we must learn to listen.

If we are going to continue forward we must learn to adequately assess where we are in our
walk with God. If God gives dreams, visions, gifting and callings then we need to know how to adequately
assess some degree of success in them in order to sustain the drive to continue forward. This walk is by
faith and being able to envision the fruit at the end enables us to continue walk forward.

Man_ Up and be the man God wants you to be. There is a man to whom God will listen. There is a
man who God will bless. There is a man God is looking for. Let that man be you.

Man_Up and be the man God wants you to be.

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