Intentional movement!

January 4, 2011


The Man_Up study program is still being developed but promises to be a valuable tool for the advancement of men in God. Designs range from daily studies to quarterly day planners and should be able to be utilized by all. The Man_Up study is a simple systematic approach of applying Godly principles in our lives daily to become what God wants for us to be. This life contains some unexpected circumstances that can cause us to lose our way. We often have some unrealistic expectations that can cause deep discouragement, depression and disappointment that has the potential to scar for life. Even when we know what is coming at us, seeing and recognizing what we are going to face, it still hurts. So is it possible to make it through life victoriously? Yes it is —- Man_Up.

Accept that God has a productive place for you and purpose to pursue that place in Him. Learn to recognize the working of the Holy Spirit in you. Don’t try to be something you are not but do your best at what you are and then recognize how you need to grow to be more as opportunities arise.

At some point we need to learn how to say “here I am send me.” If we will listen there is going to be a specific time and purpose that God wants to accomplish something special in our lives. It is no mistake the time and place where and when God has placed us. When it is time to step up we must step up.

No step in our walk with God need be taken lightly. Each is important. Some may be more enjoyable that others however all of them are important. One of my least favorites is preparation. That is where most of the work is and without it reward or accomplishment is much more of a monumental task. Learn how to prepare. It will make life much easier. As a matter of fact preparation is necessary for rest.

It is possible to bring some sense of sanity to this otherwise chaotic cycle of unexpected circumstances and catastrophes called life. We don’t have to be moved by every wind of doctrine nor tossed emotionally by every new experience. Daily put yourself in the place to hear and receive from God. Man_Up


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