Decisions of Divine Direction

January 13, 2011

Man_Up There comes a point in every man’s life that he must
accept his place in God’s plan for his life. After a lifetime of
watching and observing others in that step it is still mind
boggling to me considering the different responses people choose.
Some walk through calmly like it is no big deal while others
struggle with every decision. Yes, I said decision. It is a
sovereign decision. Accepting God’s plan for our lives is a
sovereign decision. One of the toughest things for me originally
was this particular step. After I was saved there was a time that I
knew God wanted more from me. I prayed and took advantage of
opportunities of ministry as they came available. As time went on
direction of specific calling became more clear. I knew that not
only was I called to preach, but was called to pastor. I understood
there was a specific calling on my life. What I didn’t understand
was that I was only partially in control of fulfilling it. We may
very well find that knowing God’s will and accepting God’s plan are
two distinct issues. We may be able to see the direction and we may
even know the specific task. However we probably don’t know the
specifics of the timing. It seems that the hardest step is
accepting the path God has planned for us to reach that place of
fulfillment. God and God alone can fulfill or complete what He has
begun in us. Our responsibility is to be faithful and obedient. We
must be persistent in doing what we can while we can so we can be
ready to take the next step. Man_Up and be the man that God wants
you to be.

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