Greater Day to be Alive

March 14, 2011


I woke up this morning to the disturbing news of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.For the next several hours I suppose we will hear of the potential for disaster and damage inthe rest of the world. After praying for the safety of those affected and God’s intervention withthe people involved I began to think about some things in my own life. I doubt that manypeople went to sleep last night in Hawaii thinking they would be awakened in the middle of thenight to a tsunami warning. It most likely was a surprise. Most are. There is a question that mayneed to be considered. Where’s the man?

Most would agree that it is important to be consistent and respectable in the way thatwe live. Good works will not get you into heaven however they are a requirement that declareswhere you are in your relationship with God. We can receive from the word of God directionfor our lives. What I mean is that we can find instruction on how we are to orchestrate our dailylives. We learn how to communicate effectively, love successfully, and accomplish God’s willand purpose in our lives by applying the truths we find in the word.

Because the word has the potential to change us it also can be used as a map. What Imean by change is lead us from where we are to where God intends for us to be. When werecognize that there is something contrary to the word in our lives we need to change. Whenwe recognize that there is something we need to add to our lives we work on making thatchange. A map not only shows us where we are going but shows us where we are. The way wereact to the circumstances we encounter determines where we are in our relationship withGod. Where we are in our relationship with God will determine our future. Maybe we shouldconsider the question. Where’s the man?

Man_Up and be the man God wants you to be.

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