March 24, 2011


Be a man! Does that sound like a challenge? It should because it is. Most of us need to be challenged regularly. If you are like me I like for things to flow smoothly and take on the appearance of routine. I suppose that makes me feel like I am in control. I am not a fan of surprises when it comes to life experiences. I think we believe that we should not have any unexpected problems or unscheduled decisions to make if we are saved and living right. However that is not reality. The washing machine is going to break down without warning. The car started fine yesterday. The words that were said a month ago have not been a problem until now. The challenges of life can be unexplainable at times.

How we handle those unexpected challenges will define our growth in God. Many people suffer from what can be described as the Monday syndrome. For many of us Monday marks the beginning of a new work week. It is often entered into with resentment because of the expectation of bad things happening. Monday is often hated because of what might happen. Whether or not it is Monday’s fault is yet to be determined. Maybe there is something else that needs to change. Like maybe our attitude or mindset.

Be a man! It is a challenge. Maybe it is time we learn how to suck it up and live life like God wants us to. Maybe it is time we learn how to take on the mind of Christ and overcome the little things that come against us. Maybe it is time we accept the spiritual authority we have in our relationship with Christ and put things in their place. The biggest thing that needs to be put in its place is our mind. Things are going to break. People are going to make mistakes. Life is not going to be perfect. Monday may be a day of challenge however that just sets the stage for victory the rest of the week if we will handle it correctly.

Man_Up and be the man that God wants you to be.


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