What are we leaving behind?

June 3, 2011

What are we leaving behind? What are we planning on leaving behind? Are we living in such a
manner that we are leading others to do that which is right? Are we living by example of deed?
It is interesting to recognize that as long Israel was under the leadership of one of the leaders that
came up under Joshua, they did that which was right in God. What a testimony. Not all can say that.
Please don’t get mad yet. I know there were those whom it is written that they followed God yet their
offspring did not. I understand we can not make decisions for any one except ourselves. However our
job is still to do what we can when we can so we can influence others.
One of the things I really like about God is that He doesn’t try to hide anything. He is very open
about people in the word. God tells us both good and bad about his servant David. David was the brave
young man who defeated Goliath on the battlefield. He led the return of the Ark of God back to
Jerusalem. He had opportunity to kill Saul but knew that it was not his place. He sinned against God in
having Bathsheba’s husband killed. He pillaged towns and had everyone killed so no one would be left
behind to tell. He exercised extreme judgment in having people executed for their actions yet found
mercy because of repentance when confronted for his own actions.
After it was all over this is what was said. “David is a man after my own heart.” Can that be said of
you? I love the sights, sounds, and smells of different places in the world and I want to be able share
them with my family and friends. However there is not anything more important than leaving them with
a right relationship and proper influence in God. The older I get that becomes much more important to
me. With that this question also becomes more important.
Where’s the man?
Man_Up and be the man God wants you to be.
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