Sent to this people!

June 6, 2011

God is looking for a man to make up the hedge and stand in the gap. He is looking for someone
to make a difference. He is looking for someone who would dare care for the world around them. He is
looking for someone who is willing to combat the conceits and deceitfulness of this world and obey Him.
He is looking for you.
God told Ezekiel that perhaps that if I had sent you to someone of another tongue they would
have listened. But guess what? That is not what He did. He said I am sending you to this people. This
people that you know and this people that you understand. That is the way that God wanted it done.
God is looking for common men to take the message of the gospel forward today. Common men
that talk the same language as people who need the message. Common men who know how to walk the
walk as well as talk the talk. Common men who know how to live out their convictions. Common men
who are willing to be compassionate towards the lost while standing firm against evil and being willingly
obedient to His commands. God is looking for a common man who is willing to make a difference.
The word declares that in the last days He would pour out His spirit on all flesh. That is your
ticket. He will make you special. He will make you what you need to be. What he wants is you. You being
normal. You being you. You being common.
Be a Man.
Now let Him have you.
Man_Up and be the man God wants you to be.
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