He knows where your success comes from.

June 8, 2011

Fasting has been a viable part of my life over the last 25 years. Initially I would fast one
day a week for God to guide and intervene in my life. Later I began to fast for longer periods of
time and for specific needs. I discovered a significant spiritual relationship between fasting and
God’s presence, His anointing, and my confidence in Him.
It is an incredible thing to know that God is with you and for you. Be still and know that
I am God is the way He put it. It is an awesome thing to walk in His anointing. It’s the anointing
that breaks the yoke is the way He stated it. There is a place in God we can walk when the
circumstances of life just seem to part like the Red Sea and we walk across on dry ground. There
is nothing that will ever take the place of being able to walk forward knowing that if God be for
you there is nothing that can stop you. He noted it that if God be for you, who can be against
you. There is a place that we know we can accomplish all things through Christ. In that place
there is not much that can detour us. What a way to live. Knowing that God is with you and in
you and for you is a great place to be.
Now imagine one other thing. What if your enemy came to a place to understand that
your success is from God. As long as they believe you are the answer they have hope. When they
find out God is the answer they get confused. Suddenly the answer is not just something bigger
than you, but bigger than they themselves. They really become distraught when they realize the
answer is bigger than the god they serve or represent. Consider the calling down of fire from
heaven by Elijah. He simply said, “show them that you are God, and that I am your servant.”
That is all it took.
Find the place of God’s presence. Walk in the place of His anointing. Discover the
confidence in Him that is available. Nehemiah, in the heat of the battle, is a very good example.
What a Man!
Man_Up and be the man God wants you to be.
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