In the presence of the almighty.

June 10, 2011

God saved me because He wanted to. I wish I could say that I chased God because I knew
He could heal and save me but that is not true. He chased me. I gave Him no reason to. I
certainly did not deserve it. He chased me. I finally gave in. He has forgiven and saved me
because He wanted to.
When He saved me He saved me. I was changed. I did not want to be the same again.
There were still a few things (okay a lot of things) that God had to help me deal with. Even
though I had entered into a new and real relationship with Him, I was not perfect. Fear was one
of the bigger issues that needed to be dealt with.
As believers God desires a healthy, dependent, sold out, realistic relationship with us. The
depth of our relationship is going to be directly proportional to our comfort level during
interaction with the Holy Spirit while engaging in worship. It is during these times that we may
experience conviction or discomfort. We may also experience God’s presence in such a manner
that an expression of emotion is manifest. It is very common that during this time of drawing
close to God He chooses to lead by the Holy Spirit. During this time we are required to choose
to act on His command. That can be a fearful situation.
I have been there. When I would sense the presence of God and the stirring of His Spirit I
would become gravely afraid. I would become so afraid that I would have to get up from where
I was and move. God by His grace helped me in overcoming that fear. I knew I had overcome
when I could do whatever God asked of me and not do what He didn’t ask while enjoying His
presence. It is important not only to do what God asks but also to not manufacture something
out of our own minds. It is so much more enjoyable to worship now.
It is during these times of decision we will determine – where’s the man.
Man_Up and be the man God wants you to be.
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