Proper Expectations

June 29, 2011

When called of God for any particular area of service we have a tendency to have high expectations concerning accomplishments. If you are called to pastor you expect to see church growth. If you are called to the office of evangelist you would expect people to be saved. If you are called to witness you would expect that as you were faithful doors would continue to open. If you were given the gift of healing you would expect to see people healed. Such expectations are normal. With any calling that involves positively affecting the lives of others one should expect to be accepted. That just comes with our influence of others.

What do you do when you know the words that you are to speak are not words that will be joyously made over? Do you sugar coat them? Do you hold back? Do you work on being accepted first? Or do you bow your neck and plow forward. Sometimes as a preacher you may prepare yourself for no shouting. As a business man you may prepare for a cold shoulder. As a parent you will face times of no words or harsh words and later have to forgive and forget. As a spouse you may face manipulation and other deceitful means that you never dreamed you would face. As you find yourself facing such odds and believing drastic means are needed to prevail, you must be a man who expects to not be accepted. You must be a man who will stand for what is right. You must overcome. You must be willing to trust God regardless of what might happen. And you can.

If God is on your side you have nothing to be concerned about. Accept the challenge of fulfilling the assignment in the face of adversity. Don’t be overcome by thinking about what man can do to you.

Man_Up and be the man God wants you to be

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