Taking care of others

June 30, 2011

​Nehemiah told the people while working on the wall to fight for their families. He set them in order according to their families and told them to protect one another. He declared to them they were to be responsible for the safety of one another. He instructed them to work with tools in one hand and battle instruments in the other. It may seem strange to some but he was given a very important feat to accomplish and it would take extraordinary measures to accomplish.
​These workers have just come through a period of time when God had pulled His spirit from them. They had been mistreated, taken advantage of, ridiculed, and made fun of until they were just surviving. They needed to be rebuilt emotionally and spiritually just as the wall had to be rebuilt physically. It is very interesting how God sends the right encouragement at the most relevant time to fulfill His will. The wall was finished in an extraordinary fifty two days.
​As a people we need to pay attention to what is being said. He is telling them that what they are doing will make a difference. We can’t afford to think that we don’t matter. The day we think we can’t make a difference is the day we become absolutely ineffective. It is imperative we look at ourselves and our efforts as important not only to God but our society.
We must believe that what we do and how we do it is of great consequence.
​The truth is we all need some encouragement from time to time. It may seem like sometimes we need encouragement all the time. The work needs to be completed. The enemy needs to be defeated and we are essential. It is okay to fight for what is right. It is okay to stand firm in your faith. Be encouraged in the fact that you matter and what you are capable of is significant.
​God has some encouragement for you.
​Man_Up and be the man God wants you to be.

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