There is no time like now!!!

September 16, 2011


Even though life can be trying we have to consider ourselves fortunate and blessed to be able to live in this dispensation of time. We are living in a time like this world has never seen or experienced. The technologies of today make it as never before. Time has become instantaneous. We are made aware of almost everything that happens in the world the instant it happens. The unfortunate thing is that we get to view the bad as well as the good. It appears the wrong being done often outweighs the good. Still we are fortunate to be living in this time.

The opportunities we are allowed today are greatly enhanced because of the technologies of today. Advances in travel allow us to access remote areas. Advances in communication allow us to establish sustained contact with formerly unreachable areas and people groups. The ability to translate written transcripts into different languages opens the door for meaningful dialogue. The advancement in education makes it possible to achieve things never thought possible. Some may choose to be discouraged but there is no reason to be of that mindset. We just need to allow God to open our minds to the possibilities that exist and pray for the understanding to take advantage of them.

God is looking for someone who will get up, stay up, fess up, step up, and show up by growing up to become what He wants them to be. Now is the time to be involved.

Man_Up and be the man that God wants you to be.

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