Two minute tie-in

September 20, 2011


There comes a point in every man’s life that he must accept his place in God’s plan for his life.  After a lifetime of watching and observing others in that step it is still mind boggling considering the different responses people choose.  Some walk through calmly like it is no big deal while others struggle with every decision.  Yes, I said decision.  It is a sovereign decision.

It is a decision because of the interruptions and distractions that the involvement in this life offers. The distractions and interruptions offer differing interpretations to reason or meaning to our life which has the potential to cause confusion. It is possible to get caught up in fighting battles and forgetting about the war. God sent Abraham south. If he was required to go East or West because of terrain unable to be navigated there was a point he had to filter all of his decisions with respect to traveling South.


We are no different. We must filter all our choices with respect to what God is doing in our lives. There is always going to emotions that try to influence our decision making process. There may be some things we can do to encourage and maintain a sense of sanity to our lives. Taking some time daily to keep ourselves linked to God is one of the disciplines necessary for purpose of developing a life not tossed by every wind or doctrine. Even a relatively small portion of time will contribute greatly to unmovable faith.


Try the two minute tie-in. Take just two minutes to read something positive to tie you to believing and building your faith in God. Two minutes may not seem like much time. Realistically it is not. Most people are discouraged because of being overwhelmed by not being able to maintain a rigorous schedule because of interruptions and distractions. Just two minutes is a good place to start.

Try it daily. Try the two minute tie-in.


Man_Up and be the man God wants you to be.

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