Follow God’s Leading

September 28, 2011


Have you ever considered the many ways God speaks to those who will listen?

Or maybe by chance have you considered how many different ways He leads those who choose to follow Him. I by no means declare to have all the answers. Neither do I claim to understand everything. However I do know this. God knows where He is taking each of us and He is well able to get us to that spot.

I find in the word that His direction came as a directive, a necessity, an option, and as an unwanted forced participation. Each of us have experienced all of those things happen in our lives. So how are we to know what God is saying and when He is saying it? How are we supposed to know what to accept and what to resist? That is a good question.

I suppose that is what makes this a walk of faith. I am fully convinced at this point that sometimes we don’t know the answer. We just know what is in our heart. We allow the feelings and emotions involved with the experiences we encounter often times to cloud our sensitivity and interrupt our ability to think clearly. We just know we don’t want to hurt any more. We just know we don’t want to miss God. We just know we don’t want to guess on what to do and it messes with us.

So how does God lead? Even better how do you know how to follow? Do what you can. Don’t be too disappointed when you face things beyond your control. There will be things that you absolutely are required to participate in and some of them you may not be given a choice. Part of life you will even enjoy. Stay faithful. Establish yourself and maintain a life of holiness. Above all trust God.

Man_Up and be the man that God wants you to be.


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