How much can you take?

October 3, 2011


Have you ever said “You’ve had enough?” Although I have been at this place several times in my own life I have not fully come to conclusion on how this works.  It is possible for us to not be fully cooperative with God’s plan and almost become dysfunctional because of discomfort.  At that point we are not comforted by what God may be doing for us.  We are not content by any stretch of the imagination.  All we know is that we hurt and we don’t want to hurt any more.  So we may say that we can’t take any more and we’ve had enough.

The reason I said that I’ve not fully come to conclusion as to how all this works is this.  I know this.  If we are serious with God we must believe that He is working also.  He said in His word that if we would draw near to Him.  He would draw near to us.  When we start getting close to the end, something starts to happen in us.  I am not so sure that we don’t sense that the end is near.  It may manifest as anxiety or anticipation but I do believe God begins to do something in us.  It may be for encouragement that this is not the end and that God has more.  It may be that others need to know and hear that God has more for you.  It just seems obvious that God begins to stop and orchestrate change.  The part that is puzzling is that there is still time involved.

We must come to the place of overcoming the temptation to withdraw or back away because that is the place we become dysfunctional. God knows that we hurt. God knows that we experiencing a near unbearable dilemma. He also knows the necessity of taking us this way.We must accept that God knows best and He is in control. There are times it is not easy however it can be accomplished.

Man_Up and be the man God wants you to be.

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