The Benefit of God’s Favor

October 14, 2011

We all have thought about going to special places and doing special things. We need God’s favor.


Why spend time reading or taking time for our daily devotion. Why work on being faithful. Why the discipline of holiness or faith. Why make the right choices of bible study and allow expectations of God working on our behalf to influence our lives. Why place ourselves under the leadership of others only at times to be taken advantage of. Because of the “Favor of God.”

We don’t need to discount hard work, skills or abilities.  However without the favor of God the success is not the same.  It is even more exciting when others recognize it.  When they really get it they don’t want to hold anything back.  Potiphar recognized the favor of Jehovah.  Some versions just say that Potiphar grew fond of Joseph and turned over all his belongings to his care. It was more than that. From that point God blessed all of Potiphars house. Everything that was done both in the house and in the field was blessed. Potiphar came to trust him so much that it is declared that Potiphar only concerned himself with eating his meals.  Everything else concerning his household was turned over to Joseph.  In case there is any doubt that God was in control let’s consider what we know about Joseph before this time.  We don’t see anything that would suggest that he possessed any extraordinary management skills before now.  What we have seen is the youngest son in an atmosphere of sheltering and extreme jealousy.  He was the favorite and quite likely didn’t have to perform like the rest.  What we are seeing now is absolutely phenomenal.  There should be no doubt that what is being manifest is God’s blessing and favor.

I have to believe God will do the same for us.  I believe God is honestly looking for ways to do so.  But it wouldn’t have happened without Joseph doing his best either.  So let’s keep things in proper perspective.  God is looking for those to bless.  We must walk forward doing good deliberately.  Doing what is right purposefully and making the best of every situation.

Be encouraged. Fulfill God’ purpose for you. Look forward to your future. Keep things balanced.

Man_Up and be the man God wants you to be.

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