Where’s the Man

October 19, 2011



It is possible to be the man God wants us to be. Through devoted bible study, commitment, seeking God’s purpose, making the right choices, and dealing appropriately with life struggles we can be what God wants us to be. In my book “Where’s the Man” we look at the life of David and the circumstances he faced and find how he became the man after God’s heart. Below is some words from a friend concerning the book.

“Much is being said about various programs that are for assisting dads in being better dads, programs that assist those without fathers such as the Big Brothers and a countless number of books have been written. However, the book “Where Is The Man” is not just another book.  If your looking for assistance in being the man God intended, with spiritual perspective than this book is for you.  Where is the man is not just informational but extremely practical. A person does not have to be extremely spiritual to realize that many things are pointing to the end of time.  Even the casual Christian feels that fast changing world we live in is bringing about end time events.

 Please do not take me wrong the book, “Where’s the Man.” Is not a book about the end time yet brings to our attention the responsibility of every man stepping up and being the man God intended. You will find this book, enlightening, informative, challenging and inspirational.  Robert uses a special gifting to not only inform but also to be encouraged to step up and be the man.  To let God direct the path and to order the steps.

 You will be blessed by this book and will not only enjoy reading it but will place it on your bookshelf to be used as a reference as well.

You can obtain your copy of this sure to be good read at http://www.manupstudy.com along with other books. Visit us soon and please recommend to your friends. Feel free to leave a comment also.

Man_Up and be the man God wants you to be.



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