Be A Man; Influence others by your life of integrity, purpose, and balance

October 20, 2011



Man_Up and BE A Man

Influence is one of the most important attributes we can possess. It is the means by which we affect the people and world around us. Our influence is manifest both positive and negative so we must really be careful how we use it.

Most everyone by now has heard the statement that leadership is influence. That is a very powerful statement. Because of the potential impact we possess we need to consider very diligently the direction we are going and what it will do for others. We must be grounded or settled in what we believe.  What we believe is going to determine which direction we are going to go, how we plan on getting there, and who we plan on taking with us. Once we are settled on what we believe the follow up is easier. As we begin to move others begin to buy in and follow. One of the cool things is the ones who are following often help to define the specific direction and mode of transportation for reaching the goal. It is called leadership but it is based on influence.

The word of God says that two is better than one. If one be overtaken there is protection with a second. If one gets cold there is warmth with a second suggesting comfort from obstacles. He declares that there is safety and direction in a counsel of multitudes. Influence is one way to describe it but it all starts with relationship. A healthy relationship opens the door and allows the presentation of opportunity to assert influence.

Use your attributes such as being responsible, living a balanced life, knowing your purpose, being a person of integrity, and being a person of faith to positively influence the lives of others.

Man_Up and be the man God wants you to be.

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