Faith and Patience

October 22, 2011


Where is God taking you and how is He going to get you to that place?

I think we all have some idea or maybe call it a desire of a place we can see ourselves.  We can imagine the sights and the sounds and we can envision the ability of accomplishment in that place see. We can rationalize the fulfillment of His will and purpose of completing the task we have been called for and that is good. Being able to see such a vision gives us a reason to continue on day after day. Remember that the word says without a vision the people perish. Being able to see beyond where we are and what we are doing allows us to live with some degree of sanity. It supplies the platform for continued balanced life.

One of the dangers of having a vision is the temptation of disappointment. There is a danger of being disappointed because things don’t happen or develop in the time frame we believe they should or maybe something happens and we don’t see any way possible to get from where we are to where we desire to be and it ends up as discouragement. It can be pretty devastating when our dreams seem to be crushed. It can be extremely painful when we have given our all to serve God and the dreams are seemingly taken away. The pain is real and the temptation is real. Job said though God slay me I will still praise Him but he also came to a place to curse the day he was born. Be very careful.

God promised He would never leave us nor forsake us and I believe that is what He meant. He cannot lie and that we have to trust. He said his plans for us were for good and not evil and that we must lean on.

There is a place God is taking us and that we are supposed to see. There is also a way He has provided to transport us to that place and for that we have to trust. It may not come easy but it will be sure. You will need these two things, faith and patience.

Man_Up and be the man that God wants you to be.

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