A balanced life requires resolve

October 25, 2011


Everyone desires to live a balanced life. It will require a resolve that means to maybe suffer a little. The expectation may not be to suffer but that is what it will take. God’s purpose is for us to grow and prosper and that we are going to have to settle in our minds at some point. When we do it will open a window for prayers to be opened. We must believe that He is and that He desires to bless us.

One of the real issues I want to deal with is that of distinguishing the difference between knowing where God wants us and having the resolve to stay there through whatever happens.  I have been through some things that when I come out the other side I believed I failed.  I have come now to accept that only God can be judge of that.  I may not have been there for success as I defined it. I may have been there only for opportunity to present God’s message for others and for myself to determine whether or not I was truly doing things for the right reason. (Resolve to be what and where God wants me)

We would like to think everything is black and white and I guess everything can be if we don’t try to get too confined on what is white and what is black.  What I mean is we have a tendency to limit what is black and white by what we believe or can accept within our scope of being able to understand or comprehend a given set of circumstances.  Sometimes I don’t like it either but that is why this is a walk of faith.  God is working out in us what is the height, depth, length, and width of His love for us.  He is working out in our lives the declaration of nothing can separate us from His love.  Even in what we might consider as failures.

What He requires of us is faithfulness by resolve.

Man_Up and be the man that God wants you to be.

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