God’s Plan works out His Will in Us

November 5, 2011



Distinguishing the difference between God’s plan and His will imperative if we are going to be able to overcome some of the issues that we will face in this life. We struggle with things not going the way we think they ought go and assume it is the enemy against us. That is often followed by anger, disappointment, discouragement, and frustration that could be avoided if we understand and accept that God is in control of what He has promised and is well able to work things out for us. We must accept that God is for us and not against us and that He has a planned end of fulfillment for us.

In my new book “Here’s the Man” I address this very subject. I am very excited this particular work. In this book we take a look a the life of Joseph and how God worked out His plan from the time of the dream til the time of fulfillment. The issues and character attributes discussed in this book has the potential to transform lives.  The book should be available around Christmas.

Below are words from a review of the book by a fellow author:

“No one wants to be viewed as a failure.  You were created to dream and given gifts to make that dream happen.  As God declares His will for our lives we begin to make a plan to achieve or reach for that will.  However, unplanned disruptions seem to build roadblocks to that destiny or the fulfillment of our dream. Are they roadblocks? Are these disruptions keeping us from God’s will? We begin to question have we really heard from God?  Did we miss something in what I thought was God’s plan for me?

 In this book about Joseph, you will find principles that can help you to understand how God, the Father moves from declaring His will to taking us unto the plan of fulfilling that will.  The important insights and illumination in this book from God’s Word can alter our mindset, keep us from fighting the plan God has for us, and alter the circumstances of your life and bring a change that will positively impact you and your family.  You will be challenged and changed as you see how God finally declares to Egypt and the world “HERE’S THE MAN”!”

— A fellow disciple –– Robert Adams

Make plans to obtain your copy soon and may it be a blessing to you.

Man_Up and be the man that God wants you to be

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