Hope may be important but is it essential

November 10, 2011


We have discussed the importance of hope in pursuing fulfillment or success in our lives but do we view it as essential. When I say essential I mean necessary. Do we really believe that it is absolutely necessary to obtain the success that we are looking for without hope?

I hope that the conclusion we come to is yes. I not only subscribe to the belief that it is a contributing factor but maybe the only contributing factor that will carry through. Think about it. Hope is established by our experiences that we have in life. We face circumstances or are put in the position to have to deal with hardships and as we experience the faithfulness or mercy or grace of God that delivers us from the hardship to the answer then hope is established in our lives. It is extremely important to keep track of God’s intervention.

We are also inspired or encouraged by the word of God. Scripture declares that it exists for that purpose. It is that inspiration or encouragement that causes us to believe. When we act on that belief it is referred to as faith. As we utilize faith and allow God to establish in us that He is who He is and He can and will do just as He said, then hope is established.

As we go through life we are confronted by things that have the potential to absolutely destroy us. Abraham’s body was old but the word says that he hoped against hope. It is not a false sense of security. It is being sure of what you know. It is trusting in God and believing that He is able. It is not just a way but the only way we will see ourselves through life. It is impossible to please God except to believe that He is and trust He will come through. That can be summed up by the one word hope. Hope is absolutely essential for our success in life.

Man_Up and be the man that God wants you to be.

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