Self Control remedy for Unexpected Circumstances

November 18, 2011


Self control requires more than we want to give sometimes.

I got up this morning with expectation of the day to be somewhat normal. I have lived long enough that I try not to be too surprised when things happen but for the most part I still don’t like too many surprises. I expected to accomplish the things that I had planned like blog, social network updates, bible study, prayer time, lunch with my wife and birthday party later and a football game. I expect not to be too rushed on anything but a full day.

Earlier this morning the breaking news was that the girls’ basketball coach from one of the state universities was a fatality in a plane crash the evening before. I didn’t know the man and don’t claim to know anything about him. It just really caught me by surprise and my thought went to the fact that it will surprise me to hear anyone say that it was an expected event. That is just the kind of event we don’t expect.

There are a lot of things in life that seem to occur that we don’t have a whole lot of control over. How we deal with those events and respond to the situations they present is how we determine our place of maturity in Christ.

Some events happen in our lives to present opportunities for discipline. Others are manifest for the reason organization or proper perspective. The area that I seem to have the most trouble with lately is that it seems some situations are brought our way simply for us to learn how to control our emotions. Self control is something we probably don’t talk about enough. It is this simple. There may be things in this life we can’t control but God expects us to learn how to exercise self control over ourselves. (habits, temptations, tongue, etc.)

Man_Up and be the man that God wants you to be.

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