What do you believe?

November 21, 2011


Why we act on and what we act on in faith is determined by what we believe. The word declares that what comes out of our mouths is an expression of what is in our hearts. The same can be said of our actions. We act out what we believe. It is just that simple. God wants us to understand that so we can recognize for ourselves about ourselves and others.

You might want to ask yourself this question. Do I show the most emotions about concerns of the things I feel most strongly about? Do I show the most emotional outbursts when dealing with issues I feel strongly about? Most of us would probably answer yes to that question. We would agree that the issues that we feel more strongly we are naturally going to be more animated in our responses. By those responses we should be able to determine what we really believe. If what we really believe is not right or has become unhealthy for us we should make arrangements to deal with it appropriately.

Do you react to situations because of what you believe or do you pass off your reactions by declaring that is just your nature? Sometimes we overlook opportunity to take advantage of what God is trying to show us about ourselves by explaining things away. Sometimes things are supposed to hurt. Sometimes we are supposed to be uncomfortable. Without the pain and discomfort we may not give due attention to what God is trying to establish in us. That attention allows us to establish what we believe and why we believe it. What we must be careful about is not allowing emotional outbursts to become our nature. We must not forget about self-control.

Take time to examine yourself and determine by applying the word to your life what and why you believe.

Man_Up and be the man God wants you to be.

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