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November 28, 2011


Be A Man

On a recent trip to Costa Rica we discovered some things about ourselves as well as them. We say that people in general are all alike. We probably don’t realize how true that is. Although living conditions and climates and color of skin may be different we are more alike than we may want to admit. We all struggle with sin. We all have to make effort to go forward. We all have to learn to believe. We must learn to believe that we can make a difference.

God is looking for a man. God is looking for a man who will care for the world around him. He is looking for a man to dare to make a difference and obey Him. He is looking for a man who will follow through in his actions and see things through. He desires a man who would heed His strong warning and be an example in this life. He hasn’t asked most of us to go off to some foreign land but rather to be who we are where we are and make a difference. He is begging for a man who would be teachable and just learn how to trust Him. He is still searching for a man who would live a life of righteousness and holiness before Him and one who would walk the walk of faith before others. God is searching for a man who will be what God wants for him to be, when God wants him to be it and where He wants him to be. What He is searching for is someone who will give himself wholly to God. Paul said that we were to give ourselves as a living sacrifice which was our reasonable service.

In the eleventh chapter of Ezekiel we find an interesting portion of scripture. God has given Ezekiel some words to speak about destruction and then later telling that he would restore. It is what happens in between those two statements that is interesting. Ezekiel said that while he spoke Benaiah’s son died. Ezekiel fell on his face and cried with a loud voice and said God will you destroy them all? Then it was that God said he would restore.

God is looking for a man who will stand in the gap and make up the hedge for the land that He would not destroy it. Ezekiel is the man that God is looking for. His life proves it. His actions declare it and God is pleased. Again in the 37th chapter in the valley of dry bones we find Ezekiel just being the man that God wants him to be and He promises great things to be accomplished.

I’m convinced that with God’s help you also can be that man. Only believe that you can be that man.

I don’t know that anything else needs to be said. Simply know this.

You can be a man!

Man_Up and be the man  God wants you  to be.


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