December 6, 2011


It should be accepted as reasonable expectation that we would as Christian men use our influence of others to impact society. We hold in our relationship with Christ the potential to change the course of history. By change the course of history I mean this. We have the opportunity to impact society in such a manner as to create a new path. The natural tendency of mankind is to deteriorate. Our influence ought to change that course.

Now let us talk about our influence. Our influence should be positive. Our influence should be for the benefit of uplifting others. In the process of implementing the use of influence on others we will come face to face with having to allow those we are influencing to make their own decisions. We can and are required to give them information and live right before them however the choice to accept or refuse is theirs.

In implementing the act of influence there is a line that can be crossed if we are not careful. That line is imposing our will on others. If we ever come to the place of demanding others do things simply for the purpose of doing them or because that is what we want then we have crossed the line. Imposing our will on others is a blatant act of disrespecting the purpose of God in our lives. It is His will that no man perish but that all come to repentance. It is His will also that all mankind make their own decision. No man is to be treated as a puppet.

Use your influence for the positive.

Keep your will to yourself

Man_Up and be the man the God wants you to be.

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