Here’s the Man

January 24, 2012

Here’s the Man

Each of us have our own set of struggles. Each of us have our own set of difficulties. Simply put we each have our own cross to bear. Some days we pass through comfortably and others we may struggle desperately. There is a concept that if kept in mind might allow life and our journey through life to be more tolerable. Jesus said in this world we would find trials and tribulation but we are to be encouraged for He overcame this world. In the book “Here’s the Man” we go through the life of Joseph and discuss the difference in the will of God and the plan of God  and how God works out His will by executing His plan in and through us. Life changing concept!

A friend wrote these words:

“You cannot know Robert Jackson very long before you are aware of his passion for Jesus. It is this passion for Jesus that provides the desire that he feels for mentoring men to become all they can be for Jesus. The insights and passion that he shares in this book, HERE’S THE MAN — if read, believed, and practiced – will help you alter your present situation and prepare you for a great emotional and spiritual future.”

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