Man_Up – Balancing Reality and Expectation

March 6, 2012

Man_UP – Balancing Reality and Expectation.

Living in the place where the reality of life and expectation meet is a place that has the potential to cause some serious problems. The reality is that there are some things we have no control over and the truth is that we develop reasonable expectations of the way things should be because of our relationship with Christ. Where these two meet holds the potential to confuse at the least and completely destroy if not handled properly. Don’t let your expectation overwhelm reality and don’t let reality distort expectation.

Joseph had a dream that he shared with his family. His family didn’t respond favorably to his declaration. His brothers hated him and those feelings most likely were rooted in jealousy. Joseph was his fathers’ favorite and the brothers responded by hating Joseph. Jesus said that the world didn’t care for Him and wouldn’t care for us either. Reality is that the world is not going to like us as believers and we have to understand that. We can’t let their lack of caring destroy our hope that we have because of reasonable expectation. We are given those dreams for a reason. Continue to trust in God’s favor and remember that those who come to Him must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

Joseph had a dream and that dream caused him to have an expectation of a given end. However that dream didn’t change the reality of his life. His brothers hated him. What I am saying is that it is a good thing to have hope and expectation established in our lives for that establishes purpose and a reason to live, while at the same time we are not removed from reality. We still have to live. We still have to deal with the situations of life. The bills still have to be paid. There are still requirements that have to be met.

Balancing the two varies with the degree of difficulty determined by the stage of life we are in or the particular issue that God is leading us through at the time. Some stages may seem easy while others will prove to be extremely difficult. All will prove to be important our becoming the mature individual God desires us to be. We are to have expectations. There is more to life than right now. There is also reality. This is where we are and it is meant to be overcome. Learning how to find that place of balance is the process of becoming the mature stable person that God wants us to be.

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