What do you Believe

May 8, 2012


Why do you believe what you believe? Do you know? Where does it come from and what are you a product of?

The conversation started with the concept of how we acquire or form our belief system. Part of our belief system is acquired by what we learn from or are told by others like friends, teachers, and parents. Then there seems to come a time in our life where we go through circumstances and situations that make up the experience of life where our belief system is formed. That belief system becomes the very core of what we base all we believe and accept. If we will adequately assess our own lives we can determine where we are and determine which direction we need to proceed.

The circumstances in life sometimes serve to confirm what we believe. Those times we need just to know that we are on the right track. I can’t speak for others but I like at times things going easy or at least predictable. When God confirms that we can depend on Him for our provision, healing, and salvation and the like it makes living enjoyable. We need these times to make the other times tolerable.

Sometimes the circumstances in life challenge the very core of what we believe and that can be one of the most uncomfortable places in life. It seems that at those times we are in a place with absolutely nothing to stand on. When God has declared to you the steps to take all of your life and then He just tells you to step and after you step you can see, touch or feel Him it is very uncomfortable to say the least. God is now treating you in a manner you haven’t experienced. I really believe that this is a process of restoration that is forming a belief system that must be present in order to fulfill the purpose God has for us.

As a number of people come to the same understanding it is confirmation God is fulfilling what He wants accomplished. This restoration and confirmation allows this belief system to be passed on to the next generation.

Man_Up and be the man God wants you to be.

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