Man_Up and do what is right

April 19, 2013

Man_Up and do what is right

I can’t speak for everyone and I struggle with blanket statements from others when it comes to assumptions. I can however speak for myself. There are times that I struggle with specific direction or the next step to take. I hope I am not the only one and expect that since the word indicates that what we face is common to man I can assume I am not the only one. In an attempt to continue on a forward course we are forced to walk in faith.

After finishing my last book “Here’s the Man”, about differentiating between the will of God and the purpose of God, I struggled a little. I didn’t struggle so much with what to do but the struggle was with staying hooked up to do what needed to be done. I began to ask questions as to what I was to do and how I was to do it. I would ask and often I would not hear much. It was as if God was taking me through what I was to write. This book will be about faith and learning to walk in faith.

We are going to learn that living by faith is not about being so afraid of making a mistake that we have to be lead by the hand every step of the way but rather understanding that God loves us so much and believes in us so much that He trusts us to do what he lays on our hearts. Even more important that is the fact that He is able to guide us through mistakes. What we have to be able to do is accept the challenge, receive the discipline, and do what is right.

Doing what is right because we know that is what needs to be done is living by faith.

Man_Up and do what is right

Be the man that God wants you to be

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