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April 23, 2013




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Life can sometimes be absolutely cruel.  There is not any other way to describe it.  It is just plain cruel.  Hardships sometimes seem to pile on.  Things seem to happen at the most terrible of times.  We learn to deal with pain, sickness, financial difficulty, divorce, and death.  We deal with a relentless onslaught of issues.  At times there seems to be no break.  So what are we supposed to do?  When is enough, enough?  Will this ever end?  Will I ever accomplish anything?

I have had my share of issues to deal with over the years. Some I thought I handled relatively successful while others I considered total failures. I don’t think I have ever considered quitting on God however there have been instances I really didn’t know exactly how to go forward. All I knew was what I believed and what I had preached for years and that was there was no place to quit or give up. I had to find a way to get a grip on reality and bring it into perspective with the expectation of God fulfilling His will.

One of the things I have to do to bring life into perspective is determine no matter what happens or what life looks like I will do what is right. We sometimes allow ourselves to think that nothing will go wrong if we live for God. We may find that the closer to God we get the hotter the fire becomes to purify our lives. We should maybe consider that in going through difficulties He is transforming our lives to be like Him.

There are three things I have consistently prayed for. I want to be where God wants for me to be. I want to know that it is God who is taking care of me and I want to know that it is God’s perfect will and purpose being fulfilled in my life. Sometimes I can’t see or recognize what I think I should. His ways and His thoughts are above ours. Still there is something I can do. Paul said when you have done all to stand then stand therefore. One interpretation may be when you don’t know what else to do just do what you know is right. God is not changed by our difficulties. He will make a way.

Man_Up and do what is right

Man_Up and be the man that God wants you to be.

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