How much can you take?

October 3, 2011


Have you ever said “You’ve had enough?” Although I have been at this place several times in my own life I have not fully come to conclusion on how this works.  It is possible for us to not be fully cooperative with God’s plan and almost become dysfunctional because of discomfort.  At that point we are not comforted by what God may be doing for us.  We are not content by any stretch of the imagination.  All we know is that we hurt and we don’t want to hurt any more.  So we may say that we can’t take any more and we’ve had enough.

The reason I said that I’ve not fully come to conclusion as to how all this works is this.  I know this.  If we are serious with God we must believe that He is working also.  He said in His word that if we would draw near to Him.  He would draw near to us.  When we start getting close to the end, something starts to happen in us.  I am not so sure that we don’t sense that the end is near.  It may manifest as anxiety or anticipation but I do believe God begins to do something in us.  It may be for encouragement that this is not the end and that God has more.  It may be that others need to know and hear that God has more for you.  It just seems obvious that God begins to stop and orchestrate change.  The part that is puzzling is that there is still time involved.

We must come to the place of overcoming the temptation to withdraw or back away because that is the place we become dysfunctional. God knows that we hurt. God knows that we experiencing a near unbearable dilemma. He also knows the necessity of taking us this way.We must accept that God knows best and He is in control. There are times it is not easy however it can be accomplished.

Man_Up and be the man God wants you to be.


Trust God

September 29, 2011


On the way to the pacific ocean at Jaco from San Jose’ Costa Rica we stopped at the bridge over the Rio Grande River close to the coast. The driver asked if we would like to stop and we said yes. We didn’t know that there would be alligators. It doesn’t surprise me I just wasn’t thinking about alligators. Often times in life as we are going along with our every day routines and even some new adventures we don’t think about the possibilities or dangers that may exist. The truth of the matter is we can’t think of everything. We must trust God. Through the holy spirit He promised to guide us, teach us, and bring to our remembrance things that He has said. Sometimes we just need a reminder.

Man_Up and be the man that God wants you to be.

Stay hooked up

September 25, 2011


What a day to be alive. What a day to be saved. What a day to be called. We should above all things do our best to stay optimistic. I understand that every day is not a honeymoon even as a Christian and there are things we have no control over. Just try to remember to keep things in proper perspective. We may not be in control however the one who is promised to never leave us nor forsake us. Trust Him.

When called of God for any particular area of service we have a tendency to have high expectations concerning accomplishments. If you are called to pastor you expect to see church growth. If you are called to the office of evangelist you would expect people to be saved. If you are called to witness you would expect that as you were faithful doors would continue to open. If you were given the gift of healing you would expect to see people healed. Such expectations are normal. With any calling that involves positively affecting the lives of others one should expect to be accepted. That just comes with our influence of others.

What do you do when you know the words that you are have to speak is not words that will be joyously made over? Do you sugar coat them? Do you hold back? Do you work on being accepted first? Or do you bow your neck and plow forward. Sometimes as a preacher you may prepare yourself for no shouting. As a business man you may prepare for a cold shoulder. As a parent you will face times of no words or harsh words and later have to forgive and forget. As a spouse you may face manipulation and other deceitful means that you never dreamed you would face. As you find yourself facing such odds and believing drastic means are needed to prevail, you must be a man who expects to not be accepted. You must be a man who will stand for what is right. You must overcome. You must be willing to trust God regardless of what might happen.

Ezekiel said he looked and saw a hand with a scroll and on the scroll was written front and back words of lament and mourning and woe. He knew the task would not be easy. He knew his only refuge was God. In Him he did trust. And so can you.

Be a man who knows God is on his side. Be a man who knows he can succeed regardless of what things look like. Be a man who is willing to not to be accepted by others. See how God will comfort you. See how God will bless you.


Man_Up You can be the man God wants for you to be.


March 24, 2011


Be a man! Does that sound like a challenge? It should because it is. Most of us need to be challenged regularly. If you are like me I like for things to flow smoothly and take on the appearance of routine. I suppose that makes me feel like I am in control. I am not a fan of surprises when it comes to life experiences. I think we believe that we should not have any unexpected problems or unscheduled decisions to make if we are saved and living right. However that is not reality. The washing machine is going to break down without warning. The car started fine yesterday. The words that were said a month ago have not been a problem until now. The challenges of life can be unexplainable at times.

How we handle those unexpected challenges will define our growth in God. Many people suffer from what can be described as the Monday syndrome. For many of us Monday marks the beginning of a new work week. It is often entered into with resentment because of the expectation of bad things happening. Monday is often hated because of what might happen. Whether or not it is Monday’s fault is yet to be determined. Maybe there is something else that needs to change. Like maybe our attitude or mindset.

Be a man! It is a challenge. Maybe it is time we learn how to suck it up and live life like God wants us to. Maybe it is time we learn how to take on the mind of Christ and overcome the little things that come against us. Maybe it is time we accept the spiritual authority we have in our relationship with Christ and put things in their place. The biggest thing that needs to be put in its place is our mind. Things are going to break. People are going to make mistakes. Life is not going to be perfect. Monday may be a day of challenge however that just sets the stage for victory the rest of the week if we will handle it correctly.

Man_Up and be the man that God wants you to be.


Man Up

September 17, 2010

There is a man that God is looking to bless. There is a man that God is going to take forward and
use to do great exploits. I don’t know about you but I want to be that man. I want to make the right
choices to place myself in the center of His will for my life.
The term Man_up is simply a reference to the act of becoming the person God wants you to be
and voluntarily, because of a sovereign decision, choosing to cooperate in the processes necessary for
that transformation to be completed. To Man_Up is to intentionally place ourselves in God’s plan for
our lives and to be subjected to His dealing with us as sons so that we may make it through on the other
side the man He wants us to be.
I will say that sometimes that process may not be an enjoyable one. I probably should say that
only after the pains of the struggles are over and the rewards are being admired will it be enjoyable. No
hardship for an extended period of time is enjoyable. We don’t need to confuse ourselves by trying to
convince one another that it is. Sometimes it will seem as a testing of our level of tolerance for there will
not appear to be any understandable or explainable reason for the pain. There are some things that are
supposed to hurt. If they don’t there is something wrong. We must learn to see through the pain. We
must have vision enough to look past the circumstances. We could probably agree that Jesus was going
through a tough situation the last week of His life here. In the garden He cried, “if it be possible let this
cup pass from me.” On the cross He cried, “why hast thou forsaken me.” However He finished both by
giving Himself over to God.
In the garden – “not my will by yours”
On the cross – “into thy hands I commend my spirit”
Give yourself to God.
Allow Him total control.

Where’s the man?

September 15, 2010

How do we know we are on the right road? How do we know we are headed in the right
direction? The experiences of this life take us to places that we never dreamed we would go. The choices
of others place us in circumstances we never imagined we would encounter. That’s not a hypothetical.
That will prove to be reality in our lives. I don’t believe people set out expecting to deal with divorce,
untimely death, unexpected career changes or any other of the surprises that seem to show up in our
While life seems to throw stumbling blocks in the way we still have to live for God and stay on
the straight and narrow. In dealing with the things life throws at us we find ourselves emotionally torn at
times. Nobody else is facing the stuff we are. No matter what we do it’s not enough or good enough. Is
there ever going to be a breakthrough? In this walk we will have to deal with the surprises of life and the
emotional swings of humanity. It is just going to be reality. Because of that it is imperative we know
where we are in our walk with God. We must be able to adequately assess where we are in Him.
In the book “Where’s the Man” I used the life of David as subject matter to answer this life
question. Where’s the man? We may not be able to control what we have to face in this life but in our
lives with Christ we can overcome, endure, go over, go through, go around and pass through without
passing out. How we deal with things is going to determine whether we are on the right road. How we
respond to situations that are beyond our control is going to determine whether or not we are going in
the right direction. Our response will answer this question. Where’s the man?

What A Man!

September 7, 2010

We must by all means take seriously the challenge to step up and be the man God wants us to
be. However, we need to understand that it is an attainable goal. If we are not careful we can get in a
cycle of attaining steps of progression and never realize what is taking place. There are people around
us that we may look up to and say “wow, what a man.” Do you realize that when we stand before God
and He says “well done my good and faithful servant,” that those words can be likened to Him looking at
you and saying “wow, what a man?” This life is about more than taking steps of progression. It is about
achieving a life in Christ and that life is attainable.
Are you hearing what I am saying? It is attainable. You can become what God wants you to be.
It’s not just achieving step after step and if you make it to the end then you are okay. It is a marathon
and not a sprint but it is not about the survival of the fittest either. Those steps of progression we are
making are for us to understand that we are making it. Just as we look at others and say “wow, what a
man,” we need to learn to look in the mirror and say the same of ourselves. Judge it by these verses.
Psalms 15:1-5
LORD, who may dwell in your sanctuary? Who may live on your holy hill? He whose walk is blameless
and who does what is righteous, who speaks the truth from his heart and has no slander on his tongue,
who does his neighbor no wrong and casts no slur on his fellowman, who despises a vile man but honors
those who fear the LORD, who keeps his oath even when it hurts, who lends his money without usury and
does not accept a bribe against the innocent.
He who does these things will never be shaken.
We can be the man God wants us to be. We can accomplish what God wants for us to
accomplish. Learn to be encouraged. I’m not talking about arrogance, or pride but a genuine honest
encouragement that drives us to maintain the course to the end.
Man_Up and hear Him say “What A Man.”

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