Here’s the Man

January 31, 2012


The hardest thing about life especially after salvation is being okay with all the junk that just seems to come our way from time to time. We cover ourselves up with promises and feel good words and pats on the back and that is okay but until we just seem to come to a place of being okay with it we’ve not arrived yet. Try this on. Some of the stuff we go through is because God wants us to. It’s not because we asked for it. It is not because we deserved it. It is not because we are being punished. It is because God wants us to. When we get upset because we don’t understand,  and it hurts, and we’ve never been treated this way it would be a whole lot easier to go through by accepting that it is just what God wants at this time. Remember this. Them that He foreknew He also predestined. That doesn’t mean we are puppets. That means He has already gone before us and prepared the way. Once we accept that it will be a lot easier. He hasn’t left us. He is ahead of us.

God’s plan for us is good not evil. His plan is for prosperity not for ruin. He has prepared a hope and a future.

Man_Up and be the man that God wants you to be.

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Here’s the Man

January 24, 2012

Here’s the Man

Each of us have our own set of struggles. Each of us have our own set of difficulties. Simply put we each have our own cross to bear. Some days we pass through comfortably and others we may struggle desperately. There is a concept that if kept in mind might allow life and our journey through life to be more tolerable. Jesus said in this world we would find trials and tribulation but we are to be encouraged for He overcame this world. In the book “Here’s the Man” we go through the life of Joseph and discuss the difference in the will of God and the plan of God  and how God works out His will by executing His plan in and through us. Life changing concept!

A friend wrote these words:

“You cannot know Robert Jackson very long before you are aware of his passion for Jesus. It is this passion for Jesus that provides the desire that he feels for mentoring men to become all they can be for Jesus. The insights and passion that he shares in this book, HERE’S THE MAN — if read, believed, and practiced – will help you alter your present situation and prepare you for a great emotional and spiritual future.”

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Here’s the Man

January 12, 2012

I am very excited to announce the arrival of my newest book entitled Here’s the Man. I am very excited about the possible impact on the lives of others that this work possesses. contact me and secure your copy today.

Here the words of a fellow colleague.

“No one wants to be viewed as a failure.  You were created to dream and given gifts to make that dream happen.  As God declares His will for our lives we begin to make a plan to achieve or reach for that will.  However, unplanned disruptions seem to build roadblocks to that destiny or the fulfillment of our dream. Are they roadblocks? Are these disruptions keeping us from God’s will? We begin to question have we really heard from God?  Did we miss something in what I thought was God’s plan for me?

 In this book about Joseph, you will find principles that can help you to understand how God the Father moves from declaring His will to taking us unto the plan of fulfilling that will.  The important insights and illumination in this book from God’s Word can alter our mindset, keep us from fighting the plan God has for us, and alter the circumstances of your life and bring a change that will positively impact you and your family.  You will be challenged and changed as you see how God finally declares to Egypt and the world “HERE’S THE MAN”!”

— A fellow disciple –– Robert Adams

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Man_Up and be the man that God wants you to be


Are you full of encouragement today? I hope you are. However there is a chance that you are not. I am not trying to suggest anything except that we for some reason are not overly full of joy or encouragement all the time. Some days are just not fun. Some days I have to look pretty hard for something to be happy or encouraged about. Some have that experience more than others.

As believers we believe and accept that the joy of the Lord is our strength. That indicates that the hope that drives us is our faith and belief in Christ Jesus. There are some basic things we accept that keep us going. Jesus said we were more than servants and that we were friends. God indicates that He will not leave us nor forsake us. The word declares to ask, seek, and knock so we can receive, find, and have doors opened before us. For our future we are told that if He went away to build a place for us, He would also return to receive us unto Himself.

The truth of the matter is that some do not know that hope. The world does not know that hope. Those outside of Christ have not that hope. The man let down through the roof to Christ came from a background of teaching that his condition was an indication of his future. He had no hope. When Jesus said your sins are forgiven it was a statement to give hope. For once in his life now he had a reason to live.

The purpose of the relationships we are involved in is give hope. It is through the influence we offer into the lives of others that God instills hope in them. It is imperative that we be intentionally involved in the lives of others to declare there is a reason to live for Christ. Jesus still saves. Jesus still forgives. Jesus still heals. Jesus still gives life and the world needs to know it. How we give ourselves to be encouragement in the lives of others will determine our success, growth, and the fulfillment of purpose in this life.

Man_Up and be the man that God wants you to be.

There is no time like now!!!

September 16, 2011


Even though life can be trying we have to consider ourselves fortunate and blessed to be able to live in this dispensation of time. We are living in a time like this world has never seen or experienced. The technologies of today make it as never before. Time has become instantaneous. We are made aware of almost everything that happens in the world the instant it happens. The unfortunate thing is that we get to view the bad as well as the good. It appears the wrong being done often outweighs the good. Still we are fortunate to be living in this time.

The opportunities we are allowed today are greatly enhanced because of the technologies of today. Advances in travel allow us to access remote areas. Advances in communication allow us to establish sustained contact with formerly unreachable areas and people groups. The ability to translate written transcripts into different languages opens the door for meaningful dialogue. The advancement in education makes it possible to achieve things never thought possible. Some may choose to be discouraged but there is no reason to be of that mindset. We just need to allow God to open our minds to the possibilities that exist and pray for the understanding to take advantage of them.

God is looking for someone who will get up, stay up, fess up, step up, and show up by growing up to become what He wants them to be. Now is the time to be involved.

Man_Up and be the man that God wants you to be.

If we are going to fulfill or succeed in our efforts for Christ we are going to have to be sold out to the responsibility of Church growth and committed to the fulfillment of maturity. Probably before we make those decisions there are some things we have to accept. We must accept we are here for a purpose. We must accept that we have the potential in Christ to facilitate change. In other words God has placed us on this earth to make a positive difference in the lives of other people. We have in us through Christ the potential to change the course of history. Sins can be forgiven. The lowly can be lifted up. The sick can be healed.

The possibility of speaking into the lives of others is generally orchestrated through relationships. We must see ourselves and others in Christ as family. It is easier to sacrifice or submit when we understand that we all belong to Christ when we are His. Relationship means experiencing the ups and downs of life together. Relationships make it possible to affect the lives of others.

Being a part of a family affords some benefits. Heirs generally are family members. Once in a while someone outside will be remembered because of something they have done but for the most part heirs are family members. Safety, protection, peace, and happiness are also attributes of family.

Family requires some responsibility as well. We learn what we can share and what we must keep to ourselves. We learn who we can depend on and who we keep at arms’ length. We learn how to cooperate. We learn how to submit. We learn how to communicate and compete also.

All of us can recall someone who poured themselves into our lives. Because of that we should not have any reservations of doing the same for someone else. There are people searching for someone who will not do things for them but give some encouragement along the way. Don’t be afraid to be involved with others. They are just like you, created to serve.

Man_Up and be the man that God wants you to be.

What we have to give.

January 11, 2011

​We all wonder at times why things are happening the way they are happening. There are times we question if God is really on our side. We all believe that if we had more we could do more and if things didn’t come against us at the most inopportune time we could accomplish more. We will not have a lot of control over when and where circumstances seem to obstruct our path. We could and would possibly do more if we had more and there is no right or opportune time for opposition. Realistically the time is always now and that is when things happen. Just be assured of this. God is now and always on your side.
​As we search the scriptures we find that all men of God have had to face and endure their share of misfortune or opposition. Some men have even been taken from this life before receiving the promise yet it didn’t detour them. God promised He would never leave us nor forsake us and His word goes on to say that all things work together for good to them who love Him and are called according to His purpose.
​Each step of a righteous man is ordered of God. It is important for us to understand that God will tell us each step to be taken. It is equally important to accept that God uses each of those steps to confirm His leading us to that place of righteousness in Him. May we discover how to follow God in such a manner that we can hear Him say “well done.”
​Man_Up and be the man that God wants you to be.


September 27, 2010

Today is the day the Lord has made. Yesterday with its pains and struggles are in the past. We can’t do
much about yesterday but we are expected to navigate through today. Let us do all we can to be what
we are supposed to be today. In Ezekiel 22:30, the word says “I sought for a man among them who
should build up the wall and stand in the breach before me for the land.”(ESV) I understand that the
word man could be interpreted as person, but for now let us take it literally to mean a man. If it is a man
that God is looking for then it is a man that God expects to find. If that is true then how seriously should
we take the challenge of this statement? BE A Man!!! Stand up and be the man God wants you to be.

Ezekiel is an awesome example of a man. He experienced in his walk with God the ups and downs.
He saw and experienced the glory of the presence of God as well as having to endure the pain of
disappointment and discouragement. He endured the suffering for an example to the people. Yet
through it all he became the man God was looking for. During the hardships we may feel that we just
can’t go another step. We may feel we are at the edge of absolute despair. We may get to a place
where we don’t want to allow hope for fear of another disappointment. We may be tempted to give up
completely. I find twice in the life of Ezekiel that God seemed to call time out and pull Ezekiel to the side
and explain that all would be okay. If we will follow Him it will be okay for us also.

Let me say it this way. God is not dead. He is alive. He is not deaf. His arm is not shortened. He is ready
to provide, to lift up, to bless and to encourage for He is jealous for His own. So stay the course. Keep
walking. Keep praising. Keep on being faithful.

Pray for the brethren.
Intercede for one another.
Take your place.
BE A Man

Are You willing to Man Up?

September 25, 2010

Are you ready to become the person God wants you to be? Are you willing to face life with the optimism
and hope required to overcome? Are you prepared to make the necessary choices to put yourself in the
middle of God’s will? Are you willing to Man_Up?
The term Man_up is simply a reference to the act of becoming the person God wants you to
be. We must voluntarily choose to cooperate in the processes necessary for that transformation to
be completed by making the right sovereign decisions. To Man_Up is to intentionally place ourselves
in God’s plan for our lives and to be subjected to His dealing with us as sons so that we may make it
through on the other side the man He wants us to be.
I will say that sometimes that process may not be an enjoyable one. I probably should say that
only after the pains of the struggles are over and the rewards are being admired will it be enjoyable. No
hardship for an extended period of time is enjoyable. We don’t need to confuse ourselves by trying to
convince one another that it is. Sometimes it will seem as the testing of our level of tolerance for there
will not appear to be any understandable or explainable reason for the pain. There are some things that
are supposed to hurt. If they don’t there is something wrong. We must learn to see through the pain. We
must have vision enough to look past the circumstances. We could probably agree that Jesus was going
through a tough situation the last week of His life here. In the garden He cried, “if it be possible let this
cup pass from me.” On the cross He cried, “why hast thou forsaken me?” However He finished both by
giving Himself over to God.
In the garden – “not my will by yours”
On the cross – “into thy hands I commend my spirit”
Give yourself to God.
Allow Him total control.

The purpose of the Man_Up study is to promote a realistic and systematic approach to working
our way through the stuff life throws at us and still being able to stay faithful to God. There is no reason
for anyone not being able to make it. The price has already been paid. The way has already been
declared. It is just a matter of navigating our way through this life successfully to the end. That way of
navigation is staying faithful to God. Take quit out of the equation. Take give up out of the vocabulary.
Declare and determine to go forward and not look back except to recognize that is not where you want
to be.
It may not always be easy but there is a way to make it easier. We have all heard the saying that
refers to working smarter rather than harder. Consider the Man_Up study as the smarter approach. We
are going to learn how to “Get Up.” That refers to being successfully challenged. God doesn’t intend for
us to become lazy; however He does intend for us to continue to grow. We are going to grow by being
challenged. We will also learn to “Stay Up.” That refers to being encouraged. I know some of us are
pretty serious people and it is all about progress, but we have to learn how to be encouraged. We will
learn how to “Look Up.” That refers to adequately assessing where we are in God. It is imperative we
know we are on the right track. We are also going to learn how to “Step Up.” That refers to accepting
that God is leading us step by step to become what he desires for us to be.
Book four in the Man_Up series is entitled “Here’s the Man.” It is based on the life and times of
Joseph. Joseph is a neat story of a man hearing from God and staying the course with his life through all
that would be thrown at him. Yes we see him being mistreated. We see him being disappointed and
frustrated. We see him being faithful and at the right time he was presented. Here’s the man. All of us
should expect to be given opportunity to make a significant contribution. The steps we are taking are not
just because we are being toyed with. These steps are for the fulfillment of His will and purpose in our
lives. We must be ready and willing to “Step Up” at the appointed time.

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