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Man_Up and do what is right

Today is the day the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad. How many times have we heard that said or even said it ourselves? It may seem simple but it is but it may prove to be astoundingly important. Today is the only day we have to apply what we would change about yesterday to influence the potential of tomorrow.

We could and should all say that we want to be what God wants for us to be. I think that is a reasonable expectation as well as a realistic desire. However, what does that mean? Does it mean to endure? Does it mean to stay engaged? Could it mean to be faithful in the now? To Man_Up is to willingly place ourselves in the hands of God and allow Him to work in us His will by allowing the processes of reality to develop us to be what God wants for us to be. There will be both reward and consequences for the decisions and choices we make. Life will not be fair. There will be things that will seem unwarranted and undeserved. They will all share in molding us to be what God wants for us to be if we will stay committed to Him.

There will be two areas of temptation with intention to confuse us. One will be the temptation to consider the past. Although remembering some things of the past is reasonable, we must not continually dwell on the past. It is a trap. We cannot go backward. It won’t work. It never has been and it never will be a reasonable option for success. Just don’t go there. The other is the temptation to be infatuated with the future. Just as we can’t dwell continually on the past we cannot be consumed with the future. We do need to know we are going forward. We do need to have a vision. However, if all we look at is the future we will be continually disappointed. Tomorrow never comes and yesterday never returns.

We have to find a way to be content today. Today is when God is working on us. Today is when God heals. Today is when God saves. Today is when God delivers. Today is where we need to work out how to live. Today is when we must accept the call to Man_Up.


Man_Up and do what is right

Man_Up and be the man God wants you to be


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Man_Up and do what is right

I can’t speak for everyone and I struggle with blanket statements from others when it comes to assumptions. I can however speak for myself. There are times that I struggle with specific direction or the next step to take. I hope I am not the only one and expect that since the word indicates that what we face is common to man I can assume I am not the only one. In an attempt to continue on a forward course we are forced to walk in faith.

After finishing my last book “Here’s the Man”, about differentiating between the will of God and the purpose of God, I struggled a little. I didn’t struggle so much with what to do but the struggle was with staying hooked up to do what needed to be done. I began to ask questions as to what I was to do and how I was to do it. I would ask and often I would not hear much. It was as if God was taking me through what I was to write. This book will be about faith and learning to walk in faith.

We are going to learn that living by faith is not about being so afraid of making a mistake that we have to be lead by the hand every step of the way but rather understanding that God loves us so much and believes in us so much that He trusts us to do what he lays on our hearts. Even more important that is the fact that He is able to guide us through mistakes. What we have to be able to do is accept the challenge, receive the discipline, and do what is right.

Doing what is right because we know that is what needs to be done is living by faith.

Man_Up and do what is right

Be the man that God wants you to be

I want to keep things simple.  There is a part of our lives that we don’t have control over.  The only thing we do have control over is the resolve to carry on.  We must be determined to not give up but to continue forward.  As we go forward that resolve is going to be continually tested.  One night God came to me in a dream and spoke to me.  He told me the enemy was going to throw everything he had at me but He would not succeed.  After the three days following I thought I knew what He was talking about.  While going through some of the things I go through now I just laugh because it is funny how little understanding I really had.  God is going to get us to the end but our job is to have the resolve to get there.  Does the scripture not say that those who endure to the end the same will be saved?

Everything that happens to us is not necessarily influenced by the enemy but he does try to influence how we respond. Work on responding to the negative with a positive word. You determining to react consistently regardless of how situations may appear can be referred to as resolve.

Consider these suggestions:

Anybody can quit. That is not what God has called you for.

 God will give you direction and instruction. Know where you are going and what you will be doing.

 Resolve is boldly going where God is leading not stubbornly staying where you want to be.

Use whatever term or technique you need. Just be resolved that nothing is going to detour you.

Be the man God wants you to be and accept His plan.

Here’s the Man is available now @

Also available from AuthorHouse @

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There may be no reasonable explanation to what is happening in our lives except that it is God’s plan.  Look for and even ask for God to manifest encouragement in your life.  He said ask and you shall receive.  He said seek and you shall find.  He said to knock and the door would be opened.  Some may say well what if it doesn’t happen.  It’s not my promise. It’s His.  He also said if we would draw close to Him, He would draw close to us.  All I know is that he knows how and when to encourage us and that encouraging is necessary to keep us declaring this statement.  HERE’S THE MAN.

Consider these suggestions:

Your dreams and visions coming to fruition may require some willingness on your behalf.

There are a number of things we are not capable at time to understand. We must be willing to accept life as it is and continue forward.

Times of confusion may occur however they only serve as stepping stones.

The confusion will give way to specific direction and understanding as we remain faithful.

Knowing God loves you and is for you is the epitome of and the essence of encouragement.

Above all else allow this one thing to be settled in your mind. God is on your side.

Man_Up and be the man that God wants you to be.

Here’s the Man is available now @

Also available from AuthorHouse @

Order also through your local bookseller

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I try my best not to over spiritualize things. Some things we experience in life have super spiritual meanings and others should only be considered as just something we have experienced. Learn from them and go on.

Joseph had a dream.  That dream was, as we now know it, concerning a much later time and a need that had not yet been manifest.  As is often the case the dream didn’t originally satisfy the desires of all involved.  In Fact it offended all the parties involved except Joseph.  That’s why it is important to keep in mind that knowing God’s will and accepting His plan is two different things.  That part is still hard for me.  I often times want to jump to the finish line and that’s not what God has in mind.


As we mature in God He will give us the understanding we need.  Our focus in life should be to walk through intentionally.

Maybe even with this intention.


Don’t be afraid to dream.

It may be the beginning of God’s plan for you.

 Man_Up and be the man that God wants you to be


Here’s the Man is available now @

Also available from AuthorHouse @

Order also through your local bookseller

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Where’s the Man

October 19, 2011



It is possible to be the man God wants us to be. Through devoted bible study, commitment, seeking God’s purpose, making the right choices, and dealing appropriately with life struggles we can be what God wants us to be. In my book “Where’s the Man” we look at the life of David and the circumstances he faced and find how he became the man after God’s heart. Below is some words from a friend concerning the book.

“Much is being said about various programs that are for assisting dads in being better dads, programs that assist those without fathers such as the Big Brothers and a countless number of books have been written. However, the book “Where Is The Man” is not just another book.  If your looking for assistance in being the man God intended, with spiritual perspective than this book is for you.  Where is the man is not just informational but extremely practical. A person does not have to be extremely spiritual to realize that many things are pointing to the end of time.  Even the casual Christian feels that fast changing world we live in is bringing about end time events.

 Please do not take me wrong the book, “Where’s the Man.” Is not a book about the end time yet brings to our attention the responsibility of every man stepping up and being the man God intended. You will find this book, enlightening, informative, challenging and inspirational.  Robert uses a special gifting to not only inform but also to be encouraged to step up and be the man.  To let God direct the path and to order the steps.

 You will be blessed by this book and will not only enjoy reading it but will place it on your bookshelf to be used as a reference as well.

You can obtain your copy of this sure to be good read at along with other books. Visit us soon and please recommend to your friends. Feel free to leave a comment also.

Man_Up and be the man God wants you to be.




What A Man

We all wonder at times why things are happening the way they are happening. There are times we question if God is really on our side. We all believe that if we had more we could do more and if things didn’t come against us at the most inopportune time we could accomplish more. We will not have a lot of control over when and where circumstances seem to obstruct our path. We could and would possibly do more if we had more and there is no right or opportune time for opposition. Realistically the time is always now and that is when things happen. Just be assured of this. God is now and always on your side.

As we search the scriptures we find that all men of God have had to face and endure their share of misfortune or opposition. Some men have even been taken from this life before receiving the promise yet it didn’t detour them. God promised He would never leave us nor forsake us and His word goes on to say that all things work together for good to them who love Him and are called according to His purpose.

Each step of a righteous man is ordered of God. It is important for us to understand that God will tell us each step to be taken. It is equally important to accept that God uses each of those steps to confirm His leading us to that place of righteousness in Him. May we discover how to follow God in such a manner that we can hear Him say “well done.”

Living a balanced stable life in Christ is constantly being challenged. Not thinking too highly of ourselves when things go right and staying constant when things go wrong are issues we will have to deal with in this life. The ability to remain focused on forward progress is difficult at times. Work on a constant daily devotion time where time is spent not just reading the word but time is spent listening and responding to God and documenting what is being communicated. Purpose will be established and the direction to fulfill it will be communicated. We are responsible for making the right choices and ultimately for the choice of our spiritual maturity or growth.

Man_Up and be the man that God wants you to be.


One of the biggest challenges I have faced in living a consistent, balanced life for Christ is being able to accept the challenges that continue to come my way. For some reason, that has been one of the hardest things for me to conquer and learn how to accept in this life. I know that life is a marathon and not a sprint. I just can’t seem to grasp at times the correlation between continued challenge and progress. I will consider that I am not the only one.


Let’s consider it this way. Monday is for a lot of people the most hated day of the week. It is the day traditionally that the new work week begins. It just happens to fall the day after the day we have celebrated the accomplishments of the previous week or been involved in something we enjoyed or in some cases it represents the return to situations, relationships, and circumstances that are uncomfortable. Monday has become for some a day of challenge. No matter how much we accomplished last week we must start all over to try to accomplish more. If we did not meet the expectations last week that makes this week’s demands even more demanding. The challenges of life are not only confined to the work place. Our homes, marriages, children, extended family, church, friends, possessions, the poor, other charitable organizations all scream for more attention. The challenges can be overwhelming.


Let me start by suggesting that we learn how to call a quick time out each day to spend some time with God. Try the two-minute tie-in that simply means take a couple of minutes and read a scripture and let God speak and talk back to Him. Listen to what He is saying and if you think He is not saying anything profound that is okay. Just know that He is. The word says that those who come to Him must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

We all want to see progress. We all can learn how to live a balanced life. We must learn how to spend appropriate time with God.


That means learning how to call time out and take control of our life by allowing God to have control.


Man_Up and be the man that God wants you to be.

We all have thought about going to special places and doing special things. We need God’s favor.


Why spend time reading or taking time for our daily devotion. Why work on being faithful. Why the discipline of holiness or faith. Why make the right choices of bible study and allow expectations of God working on our behalf to influence our lives. Why place ourselves under the leadership of others only at times to be taken advantage of. Because of the “Favor of God.”

We don’t need to discount hard work, skills or abilities.  However without the favor of God the success is not the same.  It is even more exciting when others recognize it.  When they really get it they don’t want to hold anything back.  Potiphar recognized the favor of Jehovah.  Some versions just say that Potiphar grew fond of Joseph and turned over all his belongings to his care. It was more than that. From that point God blessed all of Potiphars house. Everything that was done both in the house and in the field was blessed. Potiphar came to trust him so much that it is declared that Potiphar only concerned himself with eating his meals.  Everything else concerning his household was turned over to Joseph.  In case there is any doubt that God was in control let’s consider what we know about Joseph before this time.  We don’t see anything that would suggest that he possessed any extraordinary management skills before now.  What we have seen is the youngest son in an atmosphere of sheltering and extreme jealousy.  He was the favorite and quite likely didn’t have to perform like the rest.  What we are seeing now is absolutely phenomenal.  There should be no doubt that what is being manifest is God’s blessing and favor.

I have to believe God will do the same for us.  I believe God is honestly looking for ways to do so.  But it wouldn’t have happened without Joseph doing his best either.  So let’s keep things in proper perspective.  God is looking for those to bless.  We must walk forward doing good deliberately.  Doing what is right purposefully and making the best of every situation.

Be encouraged. Fulfill God’ purpose for you. Look forward to your future. Keep things balanced.

Man_Up and be the man God wants you to be.

Ask, Seek, and Knock

September 29, 2011


It seems that there are a lot of people in the world who are unhappy. They seem not to be pleased with where they are or what they are doing. Their unhappiness manifests as anger towards others or themselves as well as a number of other symptoms. I am not a specialist in the area so I will not attempt to explain why or how things happen. I just know this. We worry way to much about where we are and what we are doing.

Have you ever asked yourself this? Where would I be if…? What would I be doing if…? We surely have to accept that the decisions or choices that we make contribute to the outcome of our lives. We must teach that sound decisions are important. It does seem or appear that we make some bad or unnecessary choices at times. We may even suffer because of the decisions or choices that we make. Consider this. How many perfect people do we find in the bible?

Not discounting the fact that right decisions is important, we still have to believe that God is merciful. He said ask and you would receive. I don’t know how He works everything out but He does. He said seek and you would find. We need to be proactive at pursuing what we believe God is wanting in our lives. He said knock and the door would be opened. You don’t have to go through every door. If you have reservations that is okay but how are you going to know what is available if you do not knock.

Too much is made of making mistakes. I am not in any way saying that it is okay to make mistakes. I am saying we serve a God who is well able to keep us from falling and to present us as faithful on that day. God’s will for our lives is for us to be fulfilling His will and purpose and that to satisfaction. There are many things that cause us to be unhappy. Determine you are in the place God wants you to be and be faithful.

Man_Up and be the man God wants you to be.

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